Sunday, August 2, 2009

toddler and 2 week old

I love how Bailey looks after her naps so I decided to take a picture of her right after her nap.

Bailey has been so funny with the arrival of her new brother. I wanted to record some of the funny things she has done.
-got into the resinol and spread it all over her body
-spilled baby powder all over her and the carpet
-dumped lotion all over the carpet
-took Lance's binkies outside to play with
-poked at Lance like he was one of her dolls
-begged me to lay with her every nap and bedtime
-daily tantrums and sassy behavior
-likes her dad alot more than she used to
-became potty trained and much more independent over night
I have been worried about Bailey but once Lance is older she will be happier. Some of my best memories of my childhood are hanging out with my little bro who was two years younger. Hopefully that is just around the corner. No more sleepless nights would be good too. I have never been so sleep deprived in my entire life!!

24th of juLy

This was our first family outing with a new baby and I think it went pretty good. Nate got a sack full of candy at the exciting Cache Valley Parade. So he was happy. Bailey got a couple of pieces of candy and made friends with another dog. You can see the dog in one of the pictures. Lance slept the entire time. We went to Willow Park and Nate climbed to the top of the climbing wall and Bailey went down a big blow up slide. The kids are so fun to watch. We even got a little summer rain but it was still pretty hot. We wished that we could have been boating, camping or watching Nate play baseball but this year we just stayed home with our new baby boy. With three children we really feel like a family now. Some people brought their dogs to the parade but we left ours home. To many individuals to worry about. Oh and Bailey almost got ran over by the LTD bus in the parade. She was going for candy and along came the big bus. Luckily we were paying attention!!