Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bailey and Lance

Bailey and Lance are finally starting to get to know each other. Bailey is still having a hard time but I think once she realizes that Lance is a fun playmate and not someone just here to take her Mommy away things will get better.

A tiger, princess, and a basketball player.....

Happy Halloween
Trick or Treating at G-pa's hopefully that pumpkin doesn't burn down the entire tree!
Pumpkin Walk

Raja and Jasmin

"She was a nice witch" said Bailey

Gimme something good to eat

Grandma Udy visits before carnival and Aggie B-ball game

Our first Halloween with our new brother! Lance is so full of joy and he brings it to our family.

Nathan the big number 7



Truly Nathan is our gift from heaven. The name Nathan means a gift from God and that is what he has been. His personality is magnetic and his love for life is contagious. It was so fun to have a party with friends for Nate. He had 11 friends show up and they all went bowling in their Halloween costumes. Nathan I love being your Mom and we are so glad you are in our family. You make us tired trying to keep up with you and when you are not around we wonder what we are going to do. Thanks for all the fun and games you bring into our lives.

Family dinner at Texas Roadhouse

We put this up while Nate was sleeping, he was so excited to wake up and see it.

Nathan's Aggie chair from grandma Grant. He got a real football from grandma Udy!

Nathan pondering his cake with his friends.

Friday, November 13, 2009

fALL IN lOVE wITH fALL at St. George


St George Trip

We hadn't been on a family vacation in such a long time so over conference weekend we had a little time to stay at Rhett's parents condo. We were so busy. I saw two plays at Tuachan theater, Rhett saw one with me. We went swimming with Tara and Darren's kidlings, we went hiking with Braden Tagen and g-ma Udy, we hiked to Dixie Rock, and went to Stahle Farms which was my favorite part because it is where I saw Lance's first smile. My other favorite part was having my first burger at 'In And Out Burger' Yummy, Yummy. The weather was so perfect we want to go back next year. Nathan loved the new bunk beds at the condo. He insisted on sleeping on the top bunk and Tagen slept on the other top bunk. I predict a broken arm from a child or umpire jumping of the top bunk jk.

Hiking with G-ma Udy, Braden and Tagen

Isabelle and Bailey playing by the pool.

Bethany and Nathan playing who can stay under water the longest

Bethany won.

Daddy and Bailey having a good time as always.

Lance and Daddy at Stahle Farms

Bailey and Nathan attempting the corn maze at Stahle Farm.

Nathan took this picture of us at Dixie Rock.

Stahle Farms train ride.

Hike to Dixie Rock, Mommy, Bailey and Lance are enjoying the sun.