Monday, April 26, 2010

SprInG InTo SpRinG with new BaBY AnImaLs!

This day was actually not really planed. We got a text telling us the new baby horse had been born, so I tried to get all the kids ready to go out to see him. By the time we were leaving my family had gone home. We remembered it was baby animal days so we decided to go over there. Then after baby animal days we met my family to see the new horse. We were all so excited to see what it was like. None of us had experienced a brand new baby horse. It was so heartbreaking to learn that the horse was sick and not doing well later that week. We were all praying that he would survive. Finally my Dad took him to the vet with his Mama! My dad had to practically carry baby Gold to the trailer. When my dad went to get Mama from the vet she fought him for 30 minutes she did not want to leave her baby. As a matter of fact I think we should name the Mama "Mama" in honor of Mothers and in honor of her for losing her sweet baby boy. Mama is now at the breeders and she is going to get pregnant again. It takes 11 months for a baby horse to come out. I'm telling you I felt for those pregnant horses they seems miserable.

These were the only animals Bailey actually got to touch the lines were sooo long.
We called the baby pigs Wilber!

Lance took his 20 minute catnap

Bailey's first run in with cotton candy. I think it stressed her out a little bit!

Gotta get a picture of Mama:)

There was such a neat feeling out at the Ranch when we went to see this sweet baby horse. We named him Gold. He died a week after he was born. This was the first baby horse we had ever seen so we thought he was okay but hind sight he seems really sick. The Mom horse let Milan pet the baby which is really neat because she was very protective of him.

The kids riding bareback, with Moca and Grandpa Grant.

Bailey after she fell off of Moca. Moca didn't mean to have her fall off, she just took off a little fast and Bailey couldn't hang on. It was amazing that Bailey got back on the horse after she fell off. She was brave.

Check out those pretty Wellsville mountains and check out my Hubby. I think he would have made a good cowboy! Ha Ha

Nate and Bailey riding Moca together.

I love this picture of the baby giving the Mom a kiss. I really felt like this baby horse was special.
This is my most favorite picture of the day! Bailey is getting to know her Great Grandma Dinna Freeman and Grandma Moca comes over to give her a kiss and say sorry that she fell off. Thanks Rhett for taking time out of your busy schedule to come with us because there is no way it would have been that much fun if you weren't there with us.

Lance Grant Udy 9 months old

Here are some cute pictures of my little guy! It was one of the first nice days we had here in Cache Valley. Originally I was going to do the photo shoot indoors but since it was such a nice day we decided to go out. Lance only lasted about 20 minutes. He really didn't like the feel of the grass or dirt so we put a blanket underneath him hopefully I can crop it out of the picture. It was actually pretty cold but I think my little guy was a good sport. Speaking of sports I wanted him to hold a baseball in the picture and I forgot one so I just decided to look in the back of the truck to see if there was one there. Sure enough there was a brand new RMSB ball still in the plastic. The photographer thought that was pretty funny. His favorite sound is GAh and he only has his two bottom teeth in. He hardly naps because he is so excited to see what brother and sister are up to. He loves to watch Nate throw a ball and he gets really sad when his sissy doesn't want to play with him but most of the time she will. He loves to chase her on his knees around the kitchen bar. Bailey just laughs and laughs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trip to Houston

Can you say Princess?
I had so much fun going to Houston to visit my sister Diana and her daughter Adalyn.
Bailey and Addy played nonstop. We really didn't do much but watch these two friends play and laugh at all the funny things they did. The girls got tired but were always up at the crack of dawn excited to play. They barely took time to eat the main staple for the week "fruit snacks". It is so fun having girls the same age. We did a little photo shoot with these cute girls. They are awesome and it has been so fun to watch them grow. Addy was so good to let Bailey wear all of her dress up clothes and ride on her favorite scooter. Bailey doesn't have any dress up clothes or a scooter so she was in heaven. I loved jumping on the tramp and getting to sleep with Addy when her parents went out on the town. These two girls are both very stubborn. We were driving in the car and Addy insisted on listening to Hannah Montana and Bailey insisted on Barbie. Neither one of the girls would budge so we just had to turn off the music. Lance loved to get to know his aunt Di. Every time I would say "Di" Lance would smile and laugh. All my kids love Aunt Di. Diana had her Baby Lyla just a couple of weeks after we left. We can't wait to visit again and meet our new little princess. Hopefully Lance can teach Lyla a few cool boy tricks. Thanks Diana and Caleb for letting us come see your new house!!!!

This is when we first arrived off the plane into Houston. Our stroller wheel broke off due too rough handling. On the way to the car I was holding Lance and trying to carry luggage. Addy and Bailey were just running through the airport. Diana was pregnant and I couldn't move very fast due to Lance and luggage. The ran up an escalator and as Bailey was coming down she got scared and started walking backwards she fell down and Diana grabbed her. We were sooo scared that her hair could have got caught in the escalator and she could have got seriously injured. I know I was blessed on my trip! That was the only scary thing that happened. I will never forget it. I have to give a shout out to all the Moms who travel alone with their little ones. I felt like I was living on a prayer.