Monday, June 29, 2009

Sister Visiting from Houston Texas

Bailey and Addy loved reading books together.
Nathan was good at getting the girls to laugh. The favorite activity was walking Wilson around the block with Nathan.

We tried to get out the pool and let the girls swim. Bailey liked it but Utah was a little cooler than what Addy is used to in Houstan. The month of June has been cold and rainy all month. Lucky for me I haven't started to swell yet because the weather has been so cold.

Addy was so sweet to Bailey she treated her like her little sister.

Addy and Wilson getting to know each other.

Bailey is sitting to the side of me because there is no room on my lap. She has been so patient and understanding about the pregnancy. She probably can't even remember what I'm really like. I don't think I can remember either!!

This is my sister Diana. Bailey just loved having a lap to sit on that wasn't pregnant. I'm due in just 3 weeks and everyday there is less and less room for Bailey to sit. She loved being with her Aunt Diana. They are both so sweet. Love you girls.