Friday, December 11, 2009

A Great Father, Husband, and Son turns 30

I decided to have a party for Rhett this year. Rhett's sister Sommer and her family came all the way from Lehi to celebrate. Rhett's Mom and Dad came along with Mike and his two boys Braden and Tagen. We had Homeade Cafe Rio. The next day we had my family over for left overs.
Here are some things we love about Rhett!
1. Always makes time for us if we need something
2. Sings to us to be funny
3. Never shuts the door when he goes to the bathroom
4. Nate loves that he likes sports because he does too
5. Rhett is a ton of help now that we have three kids
6. Dad always lets the kids jump on him and play
7. He hangs out with us in the back yard and plays games
8. We get to eat lunch with him everyday
9. He never gets mad at us
10. He is always up for an adventure even if we get a flat tire just before heading up to bear lake.

Thanks Rhett for letting me give you a party and surprising you with your new marmot jacket!