Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our new baby BOY!

Cutest Baby in the nursery
Lance Grant Udy
Born-July 14th 2009
Time-5:50 pm
Weight-8 lbs. 8 oz
Length-20 1/2 inches
I went to my doctors appointment on tuesday and he took one look at me and said I think it would be best if you had this baby today at 5:00pm. I did not hesitate but I was nervous. We went up to the hospital to check in and both Rhett and I had the jitters. The doctor was right on time and the nurses had me ready to go. The baby was born at 5:50 that evening. The doctor told me it was good I delivered sooner rather than later. He said my scar had thinned my uterus so much that it could have ruptured at any minute. When the uterus ruptures the baby loses oxygen and almost always has brain damage. I am so glad we are both okay. This was my one spontaneous delivery. All the others were scheduled. I guess it is fitting that the delivery be so spontaneous since our little guy also came to us so spontaneous. Just a little sooner than we thought but we are so happy he is here. Bailey and Lance are 25 months apart. I hope they can be the best of friends. I can't forget Nathan. I'm sure he will teach Lance all he needs to know about life. We are so grateful for our new little angel.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

HorseBack Riding

I am always a little nervous to let my kids go horseback riding with Grandpa. The kids have so much fun and the horses are so old and mild that they are perfect for children. Bailey loves ponies so she was thrilled to actually ride one for the first time. Nathan is an old pro. He has been riding since he was two with my Dad and Missy. I'm glad everyone was safe. Seeing my two cute kids enjoying the horses made my day. Thanks Dad for taking the time to let the grandkids ride the horses Moe and Moca.

It was fun to have Alesha there with us. She is so cute with her nieces and nephews.

We had to beg Grandma to get up and ride. She has never quite fallen in love with horses the way my Dad has. Kids look much cuter on horses than adults. I've decided the horseback riding position isn't flattering for even the skinniest person. Bailey says, "Giddy up horsey" She wasn't scared at all. Nathan is my cautious child.

The kids climbed up on the hay for a picture with Grandma.
Okay so this is the only horse I am really comfortable with Bailey riding!