Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sUmMeR LOve

Caleb Graduates Basic Training.
Braeden leaves on his mission to California. Swinging at Great Grandparents Home
My Grandma and Grandpa sitting on their porch, enjoying some of the last moments of this earth life together. My Grandma has been diagnosed with throat cancer and the MD has told her that she does not have much time left. That will probably be the last time I see her. Some of my great memories of her house, Dove soap, swinging love seats outside, rocking chairs inside, using her nail polish and all of her Avon products, eating all of her Popsicles, her photo albums out on the table with a table cloth right when you come in, different animals every where, the window from the kitchen into the TV room where she would serve Grandpa the best sandwiches ever, twirling on the twirly chairs and looking out the long window towards the cows and the beautiful yard, the cow bell gate that I loved to hear every time I would come, all the trophies in the living room, the beautiful garden. I buy dove soap always now to just remind me of my sweet Grandma.
Swinging at Dennis and Monica's. They live right next door to L & M Grant.
They truly live in a beautiful place. So much peace.Apricots from Dennis and Monica's tree. The kids loved them.
Before I left I hugged my Grandma and said, " I don't know if I will see you again" She said, " If not I will see you in Heaven" I just cried and told her goodbye.Lance's one year B-day party was fun. We had family come from both sides. We had hamburgers and the kids smashed cake all over their faces with Lance. Lance didn't really like that tradition. He had a good time! We love our sweet bubbers. He feels big with his own car to drive. Going to church with Addy, Lyla and Diana.A few trips to the Aquatic Center. Not many because Bailey and Lance were hard to keep track of. A good way to cool off in the evenings when it wasn't as busy. The annual walk to the temple with the Primary. It was so hot Nathan dunked his head in the fountain.Nathan did two basketball camps. He was named one of the all stars for his age division. Nate's coach was one of the Aggie B-ball players Brian Green.Staying in Park City with my family and Rhett's family. I think the boys are smiling for Lyla! (Desmond and Lance)
Desmond is Dixon's Baby. Bailey and Addy got to play together so much this summer. It was so fun for the both of them. They are just like sisters and I hope even though they sometimes fight that they can always be good friends.
Two trips to Lava Hot Springs. One with Rhett's family and one with my family. They were both relaxing and fun.Bailey eating Turkey.
Nate jumped off the highest platform to try and keep up with his cousin Zach.Bailey's 3 year old B-day. It was kinda low key. She wanted a cake with strawberries on it so that is what we made her. I can't believe she is already three. Nate loves to play with her. Bailey and Lance are still trying to get along. Hopefully soon they will be playmates forever more. Bailey wants to go on a date with Daddy. That is what she told me.We can't forget backyard baseball!!!!!
So long summer. I think I did more making memories than making beds but it was sooo worth it.

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