Monday, November 1, 2010

HaLLoWeeN FuN WiTH thE liTTle OnEs

Bailey at gymnastics.
Bailey with her fun Gymnastics Coach Chelsey. Bailey and her cute friend Hadley. She goes over to her house almost every day! We have a halloween picture of them together when they were babies and now they are three years old and playing. How cute is that!! Bailey fell asleep after the primary Halloween Carnival. What a cute little dog!!! I mean Lance :) He was so excited to get into the car with Bailey and Nate. Gavin, Nate, Evan, Brandon, Hailey Trick or Treating! Nate ran off on his own with his friends. Us parents were a little nervous. Glad they made it back safe. Napolean Dynamite and his girlfriend Deb! We are truly nerds.
We had a fun neighbor night with out kids. Our neighbors were way funny. My favorite were the gangsters. Nathan had so much fun. He has been singing patriotic songs all week. His class is doing a patriotic program for veterans day and his uncle Caleb is serving in the US ARMY. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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  1. Cute Pictures! I love the family picture at the top of your blog!!!